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The Daily Living Kit (3 Tools)

Product Description

The Daily Living Kit was created to provide ease and comfort while performing daily tasks like buttoning one's shirt or eating lunch. The Daily Living Kit (3 Tools) by Special Needs Essentials includes (1) Button/Zipper Aid, (1) Foot Funnel and (1) Universal Built-Up Handle-pack of 4. 

  1. The button/zipper aid is used to button or zip one's clothing especially useful for individuals with arthritis, tremors or other hand muscle issues.
  2. The Foot Funnel is an alternative to the shoe horn and allows an individual to slip his/her shoe on and off easily.
  3. Lastly, the Universal Handles can be used to improve comfort in daily tasks like self-feeding, brushing teeth or writing a note. The larger size handles and texture help to provide an easy grip on utensils and other daily living aids while eliminating pain and discomfort for an individual.

The Daily Living Kit is ideal for individuals with arthritis, tremors or other mobility issues. All 3 daily living tools allow an individual to successfully accomplish daily activities while eliminating discomfort and pain.


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