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Fidget Sensory Kit (4 pk Bundle)

Product Description

The Fidget Sensory Kit ( 4 pk Bundle) is a fidget pack for sensory seekers, individuals with ADHD, Autism or other sensory issues. Each item in the Fidget Pack promotes movement to focus on the task at hand. 

The Fidget Sensory Pack consists of 1 Rainbow Pom Ball, 1 Wacky Tracks, 1 Wooden Fidget Puzzle and 1 Tangle Jr. Fuzzies. The added soft, fuzzy texture on the Tangle Jr Fuzzies helps to calm while providing sensory input and tactile stimulation. The Wooden Fidget Puzzle and Wacky Tracks can be manipulated into different shapes and sizes. The Rainbow Pom Ball provides tactile stimulation and promotes hand-eye coordination when playing with a friend! 

All of the fidget tools can be put into your pocket to allow for easy transportation to the next car ride or waiting at the Doctor's office. Based on the price and quality of these therapy tools, teachers and therapists love the Fidget Sensory Pack for their students and patients! 


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