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Calming Fidget Kit (Bundle of Isoflex, Tangle Jr. Classic, & Rainbow Pom Ball)

Product Description

The Calming Fidget Kit (Bundle of 3 Sensory Tools) acts as a stress relief aid providing a calming effect while allowing plenty of room for sensory manipulation. The Calming Fidget Kit includes one of each of the following: Isoflex, Tangle Jr. Classic and Rainbow Pom Ball.

The fidget bundle helps to promote movement while focusing on the task at hand. The Calming Fidget Kit is ideal for students with ADHD, Autism or other special abilities. Not limited to the classroom, you can use the Calming Fidget Kit as a therapy tool strengthen hand muscles and grip during the next occupational therapy session or at home. 

Details for The Calming Fidget Kit:

  • The Isoflex Stress ball is a great multi-purpose ball. The ball can be used for stress relief, hand exercises, classroom fidgeting, and many other things. The ball is filled with a micro bead filling that's nearly impossible to stop squeezing! The micro-beads make the ball a little heavier than most others and a whole lot more durable. 
  • The Tangle Jr. Classic is one of the best fidget toys out there. It is the original of the tangle toys. The Tangle Jr. Classic works great in classrooms for kids that need to stay busy while staying focused. Tangles can help provide therapeutic relief and also make for a great sensory tool. 
  • The Rainbow Pom ball is soft, stretchy and colorful. The ball works as a great stress reliever. The strands on the ball are super springy and can be stretched out an amazing distance. The Pom ball has a very soft touch, so it is very fun to hold but very hard to put down.
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