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Learning Resources Jumbo Tweezers (set of 12)

Product Description

Use with various manipulatives, the Jumbo Tweezers act as a learning tool to strengthen hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills like grip, color identification and so much more. The design of the Learning Resources Tweezers features ergonomic depressions to guide a proper grip and build hand strength. 

The early developmental tool can be used in the classroom, occupational therapy session or at home. The size of the tweezers allow little hands to pick up a variety of different sized objects. 

The Set of 12 tweezers (6 colors: red, blue, green, yellow, orange, and purple) stores in a resealable bucket. Bonus: an Activity Guide is included with fun ideas like picking up buttons, beads, pom pom balls and other materials. Also, individual tweezers are available for purchase if the set is too much (no guide included with individual tweezers). 


  • Available in a set of 12 or individual 
  • Tweezers measure 6″L. 
  • Grades K+ | Ages 5+ 
  • Finger-placement grooves for a comfortable grip 
  • Promotes Fine Motor Skills and Precision skills 
  • Preschool and Early Development Tool 
  • Encourages a proper grip and hand muscle strengthening. 
  • Helps to develop pincer grasp for handwriting skills 

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