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Pencil Grip, Weight, and Fidget Pack

Product Description

This variety pack includes the the pencil grip, a 3 pack of the pencil weights, and a pencil fidget.

The weighted pencil grip is great for building motor skills for a variety of different users. It is very helpful for children, adults, and even elderly people. The weighted pencil grip is also great for sensory motor planning. It can provide great feedback for those with difficulty in vestibular or proprioceptive processing. The pencil grip has small O-rings on the inside of it which keep the grip from sliding up and down on the pencil.

Fidget Problem? Grab a Fidget pencil! The fidget pencil is great for classrooms and kids who have fidgeting problems. Giving a child the ability to fidget with his or her pencil and stay busy will help them to focus better in the classroom.

The Pencil Grip is another great tool for teaching kids the proper techniques in writing. The Pencil grip is widely used in class rooms and therapeutic settings. The Pencil grip is slightly different than the crossover grip because it does not have slits in it. It is more of a traditional style. 

This pack contains 3 pencil weights, one pencil grip, and one fidget pencil

$16.99 $20.00

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