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Senseez Touchable Vibrating Pillow

Product Description

Senseez, Special Needs Essetials, Touchable

Senseez Touchables Vibrating Pillows are fun, lightweight, colorful, soft fabric shapes with a gentle vibrating mechanism. The Senseez Touchables Vibrating Pillows offer activated with pressure, whether you hug it, sit on it, or lean against it. The gentle vibration can help...

  • Calm and relax children that need this type of sensory input 
  • Children sit still during school, mealtimes, & home work 
  • Children learn to tolerate different sensations if they are hypersensitive 
  • Children with a sensory processing disorder, Autism, or ADHD 
  • Children fall asleep at night with this soothing, calming stimulation 
  • Children focus on the task at hand if they are easily distracted 

The Senseez Originals Vibrating Pillows are each made with a different soft, tactile material. In addition to the fabric being tactile, there are extra pieces hanging off of the pillow, disguised as tentacles and tails, for extra tactile stimulation to the hands and face.


Special Needs Essentials, Seenseez


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