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Speech Therapy Kit (Includes 4 Therapy Tools)

Product Description

The Speech Therapy Kit ( Includes 4 Tools) helps to strengthen oral motor and speech skills for children and adults. The Speech Therapy Kit includes: 1 x Kazoo 12 pack,1 x Toobaloo Green 3 pack,1 x  Pustefix Bubble Bear and 1 x the Toobaloo Head Set. The kit is ideal for individuals trying to find their "voice" or who have speech delays or other speech issues. Each of the 4 therapy tools add an element of fun and excitement to therapy sessions.  

Details of the Speech Therapy Kit:

  1. The Kazoo (pack of 12) is a musical instrument used for oral motor therapy as a speech tool. Used to teach voicing, simply hum into the Kazoo to make a buzzing noise! 
  2. The Toobaloo (3 pack) is a learning tool for promoting children's auditory capabilities. The Toobaloo can be used by anyone from the age 4 to an adult. The Toobaloo helps promote a clear sense of auditory feedback, a self monitored reading rate, sound and vocal expression, and a boost in self esteem.
  3. The Toobaloo Head set is used to accommodate the toobaloo itself. The purpose of the head set is to turn the Toobaloo into a completely hands free device. Using the headset will give the user freedom to use his/her hands in coordination with talking.
  4. The Pustefix Magic Bubble Bear is a fun oral motor tool to strengthen fine motor skills, sensory processing skills, visual tracking and hand-eye coordination. Used as a calming tool, the bubble bear is ideal for individuals ages 2 & Up. 


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review

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