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Time Timer (available in 8 different sizes)

Product Description

The Time Timer is a visual 60 minutes timer in a lightweight, accessible size and is available as Time Timer Mod, Time Timer Twist, Time Timer 3", Time Timer Plus (5.5" x 7"), Time Timer 8", Time Timer 12", Time Timer Dry Erase Board and even a Time Timer Wooden Puzzle. Perfect for a variety of uses, at home, in the classroom, or in the office, the Time Timer will allow individuals or groups to focus on the task at hand without worrying about "how much longer?". Helping to create a visual sense of time, the Time Timer increases productivity and keeps student testing, group projects and meetings on schedule. 

Use the Time Timers in preschool or elementary school to introduce the concept of time. The red disk disappears as time elapses which is a fantastic visual learning aid for younger children. 

Time for clean up or a different activity? Use the Time Timer to ease students into transition. Meetings running late? Try the Time Timer to manage your time better. 

The Time Timer Puzzle is an exciting way of showing the concept of elapsed time to children. By completing the layers of the puzzle, the child reinforces the image of diminishing time and specific time segments. The layer numbers on the back of each piece make the puzzle assembly easy for ages three and older.

 Details on the Time Timers:

  • A simple visual aid to teach and manage time
  • Increases productivity, manages stress, reduces conflicts, keeps classroom activities and meetings on schedule, and so much more
  • Available in 8 different sizes- Time Timer Mod, Time Timer Twist, Time Timer 3", Time Timer Plus (5.5" x 7"), Time Timer 8", Time Timer 12", Time Timer Dry Erase Board and even a Time Timer Wooden Puzzle 
  • Ideal for the classroom, at home, and/or therapy sessions
  • Patented red disk that disappears as time elapses
  • No ticking, no distractions, no setup required
  • Optional audible signal when time is up
  • Free-standing or wall-mounted options
  • AA battery is required for operation (not included).


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