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Rectangular Weighted Gel Lap Pad

Product Description

The Skil-Care rectangular gel weighted lap pad helps to provide a calming sensation. This seven pound lap pad is filled with a blue gel with a kaleidoscope of colorful stars providing visual stimulation.  Acting as a fidget aid,  the gel pad helps those who have trouble sitting still focus on the task at hand. The weighted lap pad provides tactile and visual stimulation while calming the individual. 


  • Soothing water based gel calms agitated individuals 
  • Bright stars create visual stimulation 
  • Provides deep pressure for a secure feeling
  • Tactile stimulation decreases restlessness 
  • Acts as a fidget aid and weighted lap pad 
  • Easily cleaned with soap and water or disinfectant spray/wipes
  • Break Box must have! 
  • Size = 7" x 16" 
  • Weight = 7 lbs. 

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