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TalkTools® Recessed Lid Cup

Product Description

The TalkTools Recessed Lid Cup has two handles to help keep hands at midline and encourages self feeding. There are 2 twist-off lids included with different designs. One lid has two small holes which encourages cup drinking with tongue retraction and improved lip closure without extending the head and neck. The other lid has one bigger hole to allow for straw drinking. The Recessed Lid Cup is a therapeutic alternative to the "sippy cup", and it is appropriate for all ages. Available in Pink, Blue and Green (all are transparent).


  • Alternative to the sippy cup 
  • Encourages self feeding and cup/straw drinking 
  • 2 twist-off lids included 
  • BPA free, Phlhalate-free, lead-free
  • Not Dishwasher safe (hand wash in warm water , recommended cleaning solution: Puregreen24)

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