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The Squigglet™ by Toysmith

Product Description

The Squigglet™ (aka Wearable Critters) is a tactile sensory tool that can be worn as a bracelet or used as a fidget aid to help an individual focus while providing movement. The Squigglet can be pulled, stretched, squeezed or just held in your hand as a calming tool! Measuring at 5½", the soft and oh so squishy Squigglet is ideal for young children and available in assorted bright colors. 

As a therapy tool, the Squigglet provides tactile input and sensory stimulation for individuals with SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder) , ASD, Sensory Seekers or other special abilities.

Teachers will love the Squigglets™ for the classroom as they allow children to fidget and focus while not making noise like the dreaded fidget spinner! 


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