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Dynamic Movement Body Sox® (Body Sock)

Product Description

The Body Sox® teach spacial awareness with resistance and balance.  The stretchy translucent fabric allows the individual to feel safe while providing a calming effect. The Velcro opening allows the individual to easily enter and exit the Body Sox while also giving the option of keeping the neck and head area exposed (based on individual's preference). 

The Body Sox® are great for promoting body awareness and movement in a safe  environment. Used in the classroom, at home or therapy session, the gross motor tool helps to teach concepts like shapes, space, proprioception, motor coordination and creativity. 


  • Promotes body awareness, self-esteem and visual motor coordination 
  • Encourages Imaginative play and self expression 
  • Teaches concepts like shapes and space
  • Opens with Velcro for easy entry and exit
  • Available in 3 Sizes (Small, Medium or Large) 
  • Colors May Vary

Measurements (recommended age):

  • Small (3 - 5 yr old) : 40 in x 27 in 
  • Medium (6 - 9 year old) : 47 in x 27 in 
  • Large (10 - 12 year old) : 56 in x 28 in

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