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Product Description

Skil-Care's Gel Spiral Maze focuses on teaching tactile development, hand-eye coordination and developing finger strength. The spiral gel maze, also, helps to teach anticipation and assists in  dexterity. Each gel pad comes with a marble to push through the maze allowing for sensory stimulation. The gel maze can be used as a lap weight to allow the individual to fidget while focusing on the task at hand. An easy sensory solution for any classroom or at home therapy tool. 

The spiral gel maze comes in four bright colors of red, blue, yellow or green aiding in color recognition. Occupational Therapists and Special Education teachers love these gel mazes as they are multipurpose and can be easily wiped clean. 


  • Helps build tactile development and hand-eye coordination
  • Offers a challenge in planning and anticipating outcomes from moving the marble through the maze  
  • Variety of colors aids in color recognition 
  • Strengthens finger strength and dexterity
  • Alternates as a weighted lap pad 
  • Fidget tool to allow movement while focusing 
  • Therapy Tool great for those with Sensory Processing Disorder, Autism, ADHD and other special needs 
  • Easily wiped clean with soap and water
  • Each Maze is 17" in diameter 
$39.99 $47.99

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