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Alphamagnets Multicolored Letter Magnets

Product Description

Alphamagnets Multicolored Letter Magnets make letter identification and reading fun! With a variety of letters and colors, the Alphamagnets help to identify vowels and consonants in a simple format. Perfect for the classroom or during a therapy session, children can easily grasp the concept of letters and the correct proportions that go with each letter. 

Available in 42-pieces and 214-pieces Packs. Both include a clear tub for storage and are suitable for children 3 & Up. 

Features of the 42-pieces Pack (only letters): 

  • Lowercase Magnetic Letters
  • Multicolored Pieces 
  • Strong Magnets
  • Popular vowels and consonants included 
  • Letters are proportioned and shaped correctly 

Features of the 214-pieces Pack (includes letters and numbers):

  • 106 Lowercase letters
  • 52 Uppercase letters
  • 40 Numbers
  • 16 Math symbols



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