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Gross Motor Kit (Color Dots & Cones)

Product Description

Looking to strengthen gross motor skills? The Gross Motor Kit is just what you need! 

The Color Dot marker is a learning tool for teachers, coaches, and therapists to teach children color identification, hand-eye coordination and body placement. The markers can be used as spot markers during circle time or as a therapy tool for occupational therapy or rehabilitation sessions. 

The Cones are also a great tool for teachers, coaches and parents to use to teach children how to identify colors, basic directions,  strengthening gross motor skills and coordination. The cone kit can be used for creating boundaries in the gym or during a therapy session. The mix of vibrant colors allows for the cones to be easily visible from any point of view. 

Both the color cone and the color dot marker are made of high-quality, durable vinyl  so they are super flexible and strong. This will keep them from cracking like the traditional plastic ones. The color dot marker and color cone kit also hold up very well in direct sunlight. The will keep their bright vibrant colors for many years whether they are used inside or outside. 

$20.00 $23.00

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