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Diggin Wobble Deck

Product Description

Diggin, Wobble Deck, Special Needs Essentials

Designed to improve muscles and minds, the Diggin Wobble Deck features three exciting play options that will challenge and delight kids ages five and older. This electronic balance board works both indoors and out, using numbers, colors, and visual cues to help develop sound and color recognition along with reactions and reflexes. Multiple skill levels make the challenges more difficult as your children learn, ensuring the Wobble Deck will offer hours of fun.

Exercises the Mind and Body

The Diggin Wobble Deck is designed to not only get kids active and moving but also to exercise their minds. Combining the basic rules of Simon Says with the physical challenge of a balance board, the Wobble Deck features five numbered, colored edges each associated with a musical sound. The Wobble Deck calls out numbers, colors, and sounds, and the player must shift their weight to touch the corresponding area of the board to the ground. This reinforces sound and color recognition as well as balance, reaction time, coordination, and reflexes. Playing with the Wobble Deck also supports good fitness habits by integrating active time into playtime.

Three Play Options Keep Kids Entertained

Choose from three game modes: Memory Match, Speed Play, and Freestyle. In Memory Match, the board will call out an increasing number of commands you will need to remember and press in correct order. Speed Play is all about keeping up as the board's commands come out faster and faster as the game progresses. Freestyle lets kids explore the sound and colors of the Wobble Deck by making the sounds associated with the instruments printed on each colored edge as your child moves the deck around.

Multiple Difficulty Settings Challenge Kids

Once kids become steadier on the Wobble Deck, turn up the difficulty level to keep the challenges coming in Memory Match and Speed Play modes. With the lowest level of difficulty, the board will only call out colors. With level two, the board will call out colors and numbers. On the hardest setting, the Wobble Deck will mix colors, numbers, and sounds--a challenging feat for any player to master. After each round, listen for your score and challenge your friends.

What's in the Box

Wobble Deck and instructions.


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