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Finger Cuff (Infant Toothbrush)

Product Description

The Finger Cuff (Infant toothbrush) is smooth on one side with soft rubber bristles on the other. The gentle silicone bristles of the infant toothbrush can be used with Spiffies tooth wipes or with  Spiffies tooth gels for a yummy mouth cleaning experience. Place the brush over your index finger, wrap a Spiffies wipe around it and gently brush babies' teeth. The Finger Cuffs can also be used with Spiffies tooth gel, adding directly on the toothbrush. 

Furthermore, the Finger Cuff can be used to teach motor plan for chewing utilizing the phasic bite. It can also be used to stimulate lateral tongue reflex and oral sensory awareness. Overall, the gentle massage and ease of use by the Finger Cuff will give baby a happy start in oral health care habits! 

The Finger Cuffs are available in 3 colors: Pink, Blue and Clear and can be purchased individually or by packs of 6, 36, 72, 100.