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Gonge Floor Surfer

Product Description
The Gonge Floor Surfer is a roller board promoting active play and exercise while developing gross motor skills, upper body strength and coordination. The Floor Surfer was created in partnership with pediatric physiotherapists to make sure that it is safe to use for any child. Great for home, school, or the next OT session, the Gonge Floor Surfer is an entertaining, safe way to help develop and enhance motor skills while encouraging PLAY time. Made of plastic with EVA foam inserts, the Floor Surfer is designed with a semi padded top and is comfortable to lay on. Bonus feature, the wheels are set far enough underneath the board so that students won’t roll over their fingers!
Floor Surfer Features:
  • Develops balance, coordination, upper body strength and motor skills
  • Perfect for play or therapy
  • Special design helps play or therapy
  • Made of plastic with EVA foam inserts (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) 



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