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Gonge Parachutes (3 sizes)

Product Description

The Gonge Parachute provides exercise for the whole body and is perfect for group play activties. The Sensory Tool is a wonderful way to develop basic gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination,balance and encourage group play/ social interaction. The Gonge Parachutes inspire many types of activities for groups of children or grown-ups at school or during a therapy session (Popcorn game, anyone!?).

Each parachute is made of colorful, light-weight, fire-resistant polyester. The Parachutes by Gonge have a very strong 10mm thick rope sewn into the outer edge with handles allowing many people to play at the same time. 

The Gonge Parachute Features:

  • Building Gross Motor Skills while having fun
  • Encourages Group Play and Social Interaction
  • Physical Education Tool 
  • Promotes Movement and Coordination. 
  • Available in 3 sizes  (6 ft, 12 ft, or 20 ft in diameter)
  • The 6' parachute has 8 handles.
  • The 12' parachute has 8 handles.
  • The 20' parachute has 12 handles.

Also, available are Gonge Riverstones, Tactile Discs and Gonge Hilltops.