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Gross Motor Development Bundle (Spot Markers and Cone Kit)

Product Description

The Gross Motor Development Bundle by Special Needs Essentials helps to develop the gross motor skills such as balance and coordination, sensory processing, body and spatial awareness, and muscle strength. The Spot Markers and Cone Bundle promote movement while strengthening large muscles like arms, legs and the torso. 


  • The Spot markers come in a set of 6 different colors and measure at 9 inches in diameter. The markers can be used as a therapy tool during O.T. time or as a spot marker during circle time or during PE class. The Spot markers promote gross motor development, hand-eye coordination, balance and introduce concepts like color identification. The markers are great for gym floors because they stick to the floor very well with out shifting or sliding.
  • The Cones come in a pack of 6 bright colors and measure at 9 inches tall. The Cones are a gross motor tool encouraging children how to identify colors, coordinate motion, spacial awareness and strengthen gross motor skills. The cones can be used to create boundaries in the gym or during a therapy lesson. The mix of vibrant colors allows for the cones to be easily visible from any point of view.

Add the Gross Motor Development Bundle to your therapy tool box or classroom to encourage movement while having FUN!



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