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Kinetic Rock Crusher Play Set

Product Description

From the creators of Kinetic Sand, let us introduce you to the Kinetic Rock Crusher Play Set! The Kinetic Rock is made from real natural rock that magically sticks together just like the Kinetic Sand. The Rock Crusher Play Set allows for endless creative play while helping to strengthen those fine motor skills. 

Therapists and Teachers love the Rock Crusher Play Set as it acts as a sensory integration tool promoting hand-eye coordination, creative play, tactile development, and teamwork. 

The Kinetic Rock Crusher Set includes:  12 ounces of Kinetic Rock, 1 Dump Truck, 1 Bucket, 1 Rock Crusher, 1 Character Figurine, 1 Rock Mold, 1 Tool, 1 Sign, 1 Transformable Sand Box, and 1 Instruction Guide. For easy clean up, store all your Kinetic Rock and accessories in the re-usable package. 

Use the rock mold to create boulders.Put the dump truck to action by scooping up the boulder and transporting it to your construction site. To crush the boulders, simply use the rock crusher to turn molded bounders into rock. Want to make a road? Use the tamper tool to flatten out and smooth the rock. Let your imagination "pave" the way! 

Ages 3 & Up. 



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