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Lung Exerciser Kit

Product Description

Assortment Includes: Kazoo 12 pack, Toobaloo Green 3 pack, Pustefix Bubble Bear and the Toobaloo Head Set.

The Kazoo is a perfect tool for stimulating the oral motor skills of any young user. The Kazoo induces calm and comfort which will help for focus in the present and future. It is a great tool to use when relieving stress and taking a short break. 

The Toobaloo (3 pack) is an amazing tool for promoting children's auditory capabilities. The Toobaloo can be used by anyone from the age 4 to an adult. The Toobaloo helps promote a clear sense of auditory feedback, a self monitored reading rate, sound and vocal expression, and a boost in self esteem. 

The Toobaloo Head set is used to accommodate the toobaloo itself. The purpose of the head set is to turn the toobaloo into a completely hands free device. Using the headset will give the user freedom to use his/her hands in coordination with talking. 

The Pustefix Magic Bubble Bear is a fun way to get a great lung exercise while blowing bubbles at the same time! The bubble bear can be used by anyone from 2 years old and up. Anyone that has used the pustefix bubble bear knows that the solution used in the bubble bear creates the best bubble of the highest quality. 



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