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Product Description

Experience the next big thing in "playing ball" with B. Oddballs. Give your child a sensory playtime with four unique balls that come in intriguing and stimulating patterns and colors. Each ball is different, offering a unique sensory experience. One ball even squeaks. Four Oddballs come in this set, giving your child a simple array of play options and the opportunity to learn cooperative play with other children. Imaginative learning and play is great for brain development, especially at young ages. BPA-free, this product is safe for young toddlers to chew on. 

An even number of ball, but still Oddballs! These Oddballs offer a great tactile sensory experience as they are all different. Safe for little mouths, being BPA Free, these balls are great for everyone from the little ones to older children!

Every ball looks and feels different offering a unique sensory experience. One ball squeaks, and all of them bounce and roll. 

The balls are great because they provide your child with an opportunity to learn how to play with one another and cooperate while doing so.  

The assortment of colors and patterns creates a unique depiction for each ball as they stand out. The set of Oddballs was created with infants in mind as they are safe for them to chew on! 

Recommended for ages 6 months to 6 years.


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