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Oral Motor Assessment and Treatment: Ages and Stages - Diane Chapman Bahr

Product Description
In recent years there has been a great surge of interest in the area of oral motor assessment and treatment. It almost seems as if an "oral motor explosion" has occurred, and the speech-language pathologists is left wondering Where do I begin? Where can I find appropriate and adequate training in this area? What tools and materials should I buy? What techniques should I use? This book will answer all these questions and many more. Chapters include: Anatomical and Neurological Bases, Physiological Considerations, Key Issues and Treatment Considerations, Birth to 2-year Period Assessment and Treatment, 2- to 4-year Period Assessment and Treatment, 4- to 6-year Period Assessment and Treatment, 6- to 12-year Period Assessment and Treatment, Adolescent and Adult Assessment and Treatment. Report Writing, and Resources and Product Sources. For practicing clinicians in assessment and treatment of oral motor concerns in clients of all ages with a variety of disorders.