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Rainbow Pom Ball

Product Description

Soft, stretchy and colorful, the Rainbow Pom Ball is great for relieving stress for all ages! Just like a Koosh Ball, it's fun to toss into the air, easy to catch, and it's extremely addictive. You can even stretch out the super springy, rubber band like strands. Play with the Rainbow Pom Ball at work, give it to your child to relief his/her own stress or develop his/her senses stimulation. It has a soft touch, so it's fun to hold and hard to put down.

This Squishy, colorful pom pom ball is fun for both kids and adults.

It is easy to stretch, toss, and catch in the air. You will have a hard time putting it down. 

The pom ball is a great stress reliever when working at your desk or talking on the phone. 

The ball measures in at approximately 3.5 inches in diameter. Its perfect for any age. 


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