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Skil-Care Spiral Gel Pad (Blue and Yellow)

Product Description

The Skil-Care Spiral Gel Pad is a weighted gel pad designed in a blue and yellow spiral shape. The Spiral Gel Pad has two plastic discs in the gel to allow one to fidget and focus. The design of the gel pad allows the user to move the discs around which provides tactile and visual stimulation. This sensory stimulation helps to strengthen fine motor skills while creating an exciting activity for a child or adult. 

The Skil-Care Spiral Gel Pad is used to improve hand-eye coordination, balance, strength, dexterity and attention span. The weight and design of the gel pad provides a tactile calming effect for individuals with ADHD, SPD, or other special abilities. 

Skil-Care Spiral Gel Pad details: 

  • Weighted Gel Pad offering tactile stimulation while strengthening hand muscles. 
  • Sensory Therapy Tool tool for improving hand eye coordination, hand & grip strength, and dexterity.
  • Use on a light box to encourage visual tracking 
  • Decrease boredom and increases attention span
  • Focus and Fidget 
  • Easy to wipe clean (Teachers say hooray!)
  • Dimensions = 15 in x 15 in

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