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Tangle Therapy

Product Description

The Tangle Therapy provides endless hours of fun, focus, and therapeutic relief! This device is the answer to revolutionary hand therapy, minor stress relief, the improvement of fine motor skills, and sensory sensation - Yes it is all in one!

  • Great for varying fields like: dementia, nursing, ADHD, special needs care, PTSD, GAD, and many other possible issues. 
  • Anxiety Tics like biting nails, biting skin around your nails, picking at skin, and other things can be eliminated by the Tangle Therapy tool. 
  • A Tactile toy like the Tangle Therapy is strong with a soft but durable structure that is likely to hold up after excessive use much better than a regular therapy toy or stress relief ball.
  • The Tangle Therapy is a great tool to help someone keep still. It is quiet so it causes little distraction in the classroom or at home.
  • The Tangle Therapy is often preferred over the other therapy tools because of its soft jelly like texture.
  • The Tangle Therapy has a squishy, bouncy consistency but also has the squeeze ability of a firm stress ball. This makes the toy very versatile!



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