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The Racin Rody and the Floor Surfer

Product Description


The Racin Rody Horse provides a fun and interactive way to support body movement, skills, and coordination. The Racin Rody is an excellent way for a child to get pleasant and calming entertainment. Do to its rounded design, the Rody is soft, comfortable, and easy to use for any and every user. The Racin Rody is also being used by therapist, hospitals, and special education teachers to help improve the users comfort ability and focus. 

The Floor Surfer is perfect for any kid 3 years or older. The floor surfer has foam inserts that keep the child protected and comfortable while standing, kneeling, of laying on the board. The floor surfer is a great way for kids to burn up extra energy while working on their coordination and stability. The floor surfer is great for a improving fine motor skills. 

$175.00 $200.00

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