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Wacky Links™

Product Description

Wacky Links™ is the original Do-It-Yourself kit for children. The Wacky Links are connectors that attach to soft, flexible tubes allowing your child endless fun! Each kit includes 15 brightly colored tubes and 20 unique themed links like Princess or Safari! You can make jewelry like bracelets and necklaces or even a car. The Wacky Links could be used as a learning tool promoting fine motor growth, hand-eye coordination and imagination. Teachers and parents will love the size and simplicity of the Wacky Links,  and the four themed options allow for endless creating opportunities! 


  • Build, Wear, Share! 
  • Learning Tool for little hands! 
  • Endless, Reusable Fun 
  • Tubes can be cut down to preferred size 
  • Non-Toxic 
  • Ages 4 & Up

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