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Warmies Hooty and Friends ( Microwavable Lavender Stuffed Animals)

Product Description

Warmies Hooty and Hooty Friends are super soft heatable stuffed animals filled with lavender and natural flax-seed. The Warmies by Intelex are microwavable and a fantastic addition to the sensory diet /sensory bin as a calming comforting tool. 

The Warmies Lavender Stuffed Animals are made with the highest standard of materials (the Lavender is sourced from farms in France!) and can be reheated thousands of times. The soft,furry material provides a soothing effect for those with sensory processing disorder, sensory overload or other special abilities. Heat me up in the microwave or cool me down in the freezer! 

For adults, the Warmies are particularly helpful when dealing with muscle pain, migraines and/or menstrual cramps. Hug-able, Lovable and comforting for all ages.

Warmies Stuffed Animals full list is below:

  • Hooty Owl - Turquoise, Pink or Snowy White
  • Hooty's Friend Fox
  • Hooty's Friend Badger
  • Warmies Dinosaur - Light Green
  • Warmies Elephant - Grey or Pink 
  • Warmies Pup 
  • Warmies Sheep 
  • Warmies Hippo - Light Purple 
  • Warmies Llama - Pink 
  • Warmies Sloth 
  • Warmies Giraffe
  • Warmies Unicorn

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review

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