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Original PenAgain (3 pack)

Product Description

The Original PenAgain is a ballpoint pen designed with an ergonomic wishbone-shaped body with a finger cradle that allows for a more comfortable grip. The tripod design encourages a proper writing position while eliminating writer's cramp. The PenAgain is designed for both right and left-handed individuals, and it can be used by all ages. 

Students will love the PenAgain as they will be able to focus on their work content rather than grip and writing speed. Thus, the student will write neater while improving their grades. For adults with arthritis, tremors or other hand disabilities, the PenAgain will provide control without having to press down hard on paper to write. The natural weight of one's hand provides the downward force to apply ink to paper. 

The PenAgain is sold in 3 packs with 3 different translucent like colors, green, blue and red. The pens are all retractable, refillable and have a soft comfort coating for easy grip. 


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