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WhisperPhone Solo

Product Description

WhisperPhone Solo is a hands-free, acoustical voice-feedback tool that enables learners to focus and hear the sounds that make up words ten times* more clearly as they learn by processing language aloud. Simply use the Solo like a phone. It helps accelerate development in speech training by channeling the voice directly into the user’s ear. While reinforcing the learning process, the auditory feedback tool helps to strengthen the user's speech awareness, promotes reading fluency, supports speech therapy, and boosts confidence.

WhisperPhone Solo is recommended for:
• Aphasia
• Apraxia Speech
• Articulation Therapy
• Auditory Discrimination
• Autism
• Dyslexia
• Prosodic Defects
• Stuttering

WhisperPhone Solo is a hands-free acoustical feedback tool, so students can easily flip through a book or write at the same time as using the WhisperPhone.
• Title 1 and Reading First funds qualified
• Dishwasher safe
• Reversible and adjustable
• Battery free
• Covered by lifetime guarantee

Product is recommended for students five years of age or older. Small fits grades K-4; large fits grade 5 through adult.

*As found in a study by two universities in 2003.


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