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Bariatric™ Disposable Briefs

Product Description

The Bariatric™ Disposable Briefs are unlike any other adult diaper providing absorbent protection for the heaviest incontinence episodes. The stretchy side panels are made of a breathable material and allow for easy removal and re-positioning. The disposable briefs are designed to comfortably fit waists sizes 64 inches to 96 inches. 

The Bariatric™ Disposable Briefs help provide cost savings, as well as, boosts self-esteem and increases mobility for daily living. Also, the disposable briefs help to minimize soiled bedding and laundry which in turn reduces caregiver stress.


  • Sizing= 64"-96" - one size= 3XL         Capacity= 34 oz           Quantity: 8 per pack

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