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Product Description

The Playfoam®  Go! is a learning tool promoting sensory and tactile development and artistic expression. The portable set of no-stick, no-mess Playfoam® comes in a translucent carrying case making it both fun and function able play.  The carrying case allows for playtime anywhere like in the car, doctor's appointments or even on the plane!

Sensory seekers and tactile learners will enjoy manipulating the playfoam while strengthening fine motor skills. Therapists, teachers and parents love the Playfoam because of the easy clean up and the cost! 


  • Translucent plastic carrying case includes 8 bricks of playfoam, 9 separate storage compartments, and 4 built in shape molds.
  • Develops artistic skills and creativity
  • Encourages Imagination 
  • Sensory tool
  • Non-toxic molding dough
  • Perfect for party favors
  • Easy to store and non-dry
  • Ages 3 & Up



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