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Tangle Original Textured

Product Description

Tangle Original Textured is a great Tangle tool for tactile fun and sensory needs. One of the best parts about the product is the nice of the product. It is the perfect size for kids of all ages as well as adults. The Tangle original is about the size of a red solo cup.

  • The Tangle original is a little larger than most of the other tangles making it very versatile for different ages of play. 
  • The various colors allow it with the ability to catch someones interest or captivate someones attention in keeping them occupied. 
  • Great for sensory tool/ therapy relief 
  • The busier the hands, the better off that person is with the Tangle original. 
  • The Tangle original is highly recommended for those with average to strong hand usage abilities as it is larger than most of the other tangles. 

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