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Product Description

The Bilibo is an award winning toy that is fun for kids of all ages. With its multitude of uses, the only limit for the Bilibo is the imagination! Whether used as a beach toy to build castles in the sand, used to wobble around the house, or even as an ersatz helmet, the Bilibo is a fantastic developmental tool that encourages creativity, play, and wonder. For your Special Ones, the Bilibo is fantastic!

  • Deceptively simple, elegantly shaped and magically attractive, the Bilibo inspires creative, imaginative, limitless play for boys and girls
  • The iconic shell shape and bright colors are immediately appealing, arousing curiosity, intrigue and commanding immediate attention
  • The award winning Bilibo was designed in Switzerland in conjunction with child development experts
  • Made from nontoxic, shatterproof polyethylene it is incredibly durable and appropriate for both indoor and outdoor play
  • Stimulating creativity and open-ended play for kids ages 2+


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