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Playfoam® Party Pack (20 Pods)

Product Description

Playfoam® Party Pack (20 pods) is exactly what it sounds like; a party pack of 20 foam pods in one box with several different colors. The Playfoam® Party Pack is ideal for the classroom sensory bin, therapists' tool kit, or even party favors at your child's next birthday party! The sensory tool helps to develop fine motor skills while encouraging the sense of touch. The squishy material does not stick to your hands giving those with sensory issues an alternative for manipulating shapes and colors. Teachers, OT's and Special Needs Parents love the party pack because of the price and mainly the endless opportunities one has while playing with playfoam. 


  • Develops creativity and artistic skills
  • Encourages Imagination
  • Learning tool promoting sensory stimulation
  • Non-toxic molding dough
  • Perfect for party favors
  • Easy to store 

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