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Farmer's Market Color Sorting Set

Product Description

The Farmer's Market Color Sorting Set by Learning Resources helps to build early developmental skills like patterning, matching, color identification while promoting imaginative and group play. In the classroom or at home. the Color Sorting Set strengthens fine motor skills like hand-eye coordination and grip while making fruits and veggies an exciting, healthy subject. 

Tactile learners will love the detailed texture on the fruits and vegetables. Teachers will enjoy the Farmer's Market Color Sorting Set as a fantastic learning tool for nutritional lesson plans. Also, the bins double for easy sorting and storage. 

    Details of the Farmer's Market Color Sorting Set:

    • Includes 5 Bushel Baskets with Colored Labels and 25 Fruits & Vegetables 
    • Teaches color identification, counting, sorting, patterning and more
    • Promotes imaginative and group play 
    • Use for Nutritional lesson plans to help show healthy food choices

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