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Hilltops by Gonge

Product Description

The Gonge Hilltops help to strengthen gross motor skills like balance and coordination while promoting imaginative and active play. The brightly colored stepping stones develop children's ability to estimate distances and make them familiar with heights. Each Gonge Hilltop Set comes with five "hilltops" in different heights which will inspire children to jump from top to top.

Used indoors or outdoors, each Hilltop is provided with rubber "feet" which prevent them from slipping and protect the floor. Hilltops are made so that they cannot overturn. Game ideas are provided like Musical Chairs, but are way more fun with Hilltops! 

Details of the Gonge Hilltops:

  • Includes set of 5 Hilltops and suggestions for games
  • Strengthen gross motor skills like balance and coordination 
  • Promote imaginative and active play 
  • Use during PE or at home to encourage movement and exercise
  • Maximum weight supported is 220 lbs.
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