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TalkTools® Nose Flutes (3pk)

Product Description

The TalkTools Nose Flute is one of the best therapy tools to facilitate nasal airflow, an integral component of velo-pharyngeal control and speech clarity development. The Nose Flutes can be used to differentiate oral versus nasal airflow as well as the opening and closing of the velum.

Furthermore, the TalkTools Nose Flutes can be used to establish volitional nasal airflow as a means of helping to keep the client healthy. When clients are unable to blow their nose, they are unable to clear the infection and stay sick longer. If you can teach the client to effectively blow his or her nose, the client will get well sooner. Then you can work with the client more consistently. 

The Nose Flutes include the manufacturer's instructions and are sold in packs of 3 assorted colors.  


  • Used as a motor planning tool for improving children's breath and speech abilities.
  • Teaches nose blowing and helps to achieve oral/nasal contrasts in speech
  • Instructions included and available in packs of 3

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