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Handwriting Kit (for Lefties and Righties)

Product Description

The Handwriting Kit created by Special Needs Essentials includes 1. Heavyweight Pen, 1. Heavyweight Pencil, and 1. PenAgain. The Handwriting Kit helps to improve handwriting skills while strengthening fine motor skills like grasp development. 

The Heavyweighted Pen and Heavyweighted Pencil are ideal for those with poor grasp development or for those suffering from tremors. The heavyweight of the writing tools allows for a natural grasp to write while not having to press down hard to write legibly. 

The PenAgain has a "tripod" design that promotes a proper writing position while helping to decrease writer's cramp. Young students will love the PenAgain as it helps create a comfortable grip to ease into developing handwriting skills. 

The Handwriting Kit is made for "Righties and Lefties", Children and Adults. 



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