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Beach Day Fun Playset Kinetic Sand

Product Description

With the Beach Day Fun Kit by Kinetic Sand, you can bring the beach indoors without the sticky mess. Just like regular Kinetic Sand, the magical sensory sand sticks to itself and not to your hands. The Beach Day Fun playset includes 340 grams of kinetic sand beach sand, 5 molds, 4 tools and 1 transformable sand box. Rake, scoop and shape to build a sand castle or use your creativity to create whatever you want. 

While strengthening manipulative skills, the Beach Day Fun kit enhances a child's imagination and sensory development. Sensory Seekers and children with sensory issues will both enjoy the Beach Day Fun Playset. The therapeutic material provides tactile input that helps to calm an individual which is ideal for Sensory Seekers . Children or adults with tactile defensiveness will also enjoy the Kinetic sand for its non-sticky and mess free quality. 


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