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Chewy Lolli Swirl

Product Description

Chew Lolli Swirls are great for your Special Ones who chew! Great as either a hand fidget or a chew, its textured surface allows for sensory input and helps to calm those with sensory integration issues. The Chew Lolli Swirl is small and great for the classroom, home or anywhere where a safe chew and fidget solution is needed.

The ultimate chewy! Kids cant resist these fun new lollipop shaped chewy fidgets that feature an easy grasp circular handle. This handle is the perfect size for little fingers. Comes in your choice smoothed or knobby. The smoothed lolli has a slightly raised spiral pattern on the chewy surface. Or knobby that features lots textured bumpees perfect for a sensory learning approach. 

Kids LOVE these fun new lollipop-shaped chewy fidgets that feature an easy-grasp circular handle that is just the right size for little fingers! Comes in your choice of Smooth that has a slightly raised "spiral" pattern on the chewy surface, or Knobby that features lots of textured sensory chewy bumpies! Both are non-toxic and latex-free. A great chewy tool for kids who are orally defensiveness (hypersensitive to food textures and oral input), or have other sensory issues. Designed for ages 3-up. 



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