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The Pencil Fidget Toppers

Product Description

The Pencil Fidget Toppers allow individuals to focus while fidgeting. The Pencil Toppers come in four different textured styles Spin Snapper, Nut N Bolt, Wingnut and Bump N Run Maze. You can slide, pull, or spin the fidget tools while not being distracting or making noise in the classroom. The Fidget Toppers are reusable so don't worry if your pencil starts to get low! Just slide onto your new pencil. 

The Pencil Fidget Toppers are fantastic therapy tool for individuals with SPD, ADHD, Autism or other special abilities. Have a pencil chewer in the class? Try the Pencil Fidget Toppers! 


  • Available in Single Units, 4 Packs, 8 Packs, and 12 Packs
  • Fascinating finger fidget pencils in four different styles
  • Finger fidgets are removable and reusable
  • Great for individuals with SPD, ADHD and Autism 
  • Keeps students' minds engaged and fingers busy

Please note: pencil styles may vary.


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