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Milton, the Mealtime Companion

Product Description

Designed by two brilliant dads, meet Milton, the Mealtime Companion! Milton is a fun feeding tool helping to teach your children about healthy and courageous eating. When you place Milton on the table during meal time, he becomes an eating role model for your child. Milton, the mealtime companion, encourages children to try their vegetables and fruits while eating safely. 

Have a picky eater? Ask your child to feed Milton new foods and show them how “Milton loves it”. Introducing solid foods? Squeeze his adorable cheeks to show how he safely chews each bite. Milton can be a therapy tool for children with sensory issues or other special needs teaching healthy and safe feeding habits. 

Now that Milton has tried all the delicious foods, he will need to brush his teeth. Have your child brush Milton's teeth creating an easy,fun way to teeth about dental care. 

Milton comes with the original Meet Milton children’s book that doubles as a parent’s user manual. To top it off, you can throw Milton, the mealtime companion, into the dishwasher!


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