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Weighted Snake Wrap

Product Description

Like a hand on your shoulder, our fun and functional snake wrap provides the wearer a little extra pressure on the body that can improve attention as well as provide a calming sensation. You can drape the snake over legs or the shoulders depending on preference.  The weighted snake wrap is not just a weighted blanket. There are pockets on either end of the snake making it function as a hand puppet or a cozy place to fidget. Occupational therapy lessons just got a bit more exciting! 


  • Provides pressure to help one focus on task. 
  • Small in color green = 36"   & weight = 2lb   
  • Large in color blue =   60"    & weight = 4lb.  
  • Sensory Seekers love the weighted, soft animal 
  • Easily transportable for car rides or on the next family vacation! 




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