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Tranquility SlimLine® Original Disposable Brief

Product Description

Tranquility's SlimLine® Original Disposable Brief is a thin adult diaper that offers maximum protection without the bulky feeling like other diapers. The slim design and form fitting diaper allows for engagement in daytime activities while boosting one's confidence. 

The design of the diaper includes adjustable closure tabs for easy removal or repositioning by a caregiver or medical professional. With the patented Peach Mat Construction, this adult diaper can manage the heaviest incontinence episodes and prevents the damaging effects of moisture while reducing odor and urine ph. A key benefit of the SlimLine® Disposable Brief is the wetness indicator which helps identify when the adult diaper needs to be changed. This in turn helps to reduce changing eliminating wasted diapers and caregiver strain. 

Sizing Chart: 

  • Small:  24"-32"             Capacity:  12.7 oz                  Quantity: 10 per pack
  • Medium: 32"-44"          Capacity:   20.4 oz                 Quantity:  12 per pack
  • Large: 45"-58"              Capacity:  21.4 oz                 Quantity:  12 per pack
  • X-Large: 56"-64"          Capacity:  23.7 oz                  Quantity:  12 per pack



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