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Mad Dragon Anger-Control Card Game

Product Description

The Mad Dragon Anger-Control Card Game is a fast-paced therapeutic card game for ages 6-12. The Mad Dragon card game helps children: control their anger in the moment, practice effective anger management techniques, understand what anger feels and looks like, avoid anger-provoking situations, express and understand their feelings and so much more.

The Mad Dragon card game plays like the popular game UNO. Used a learning tool, players race to get rid of their cards while learning anger control skills. 

Fun and effective, the Mad Dragon game includes 100 high-quality 3" x 4 1/2" cards, instructions, and tips for taming anger. The anger control card game is for 2-8 people which helps to promote group play and turn-taking in the classroom. 

Add the Mad Dragon card game to the next therapy session or lesson plan in Special Education or any class.


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