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Gymnic Physio Roll Ball (peanut balls)

Product Description

The Physio Roll exercise balls were created by joining two balls together to form a peanut shape. The design of the Physio Roll Balls allows the user to do physical therapy and other exercises while providing better control and balance.

The Physio Roll "double balls" are ideal for use in therapy, especially to work with people who have problems with balance and coordination. The shape and size of the Physio Roll exercise balls allow the therapist to help control the patient's movements and provide stability. The peanut exercise balls help to strengthen muscle tone, gross motor skills and coordination for children and adults, especially those with stability deficiencies and patients in post-op rehabilitation. 

Children with behavioral issues will enjoy playing on the physio roll as a fun balance game while releasing energy and focusing on the task at hand. Not just for humans, the small size Physio Roll Ball can be a therapy tool for pets with movement, reflex and stability deficiencies. 

Each Physio Roll Ball is supplied in poly bag packaging with instructions. 

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