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Sensory Friendly Bite Blocks (Purple)

Product Description

The TalkTools Sensory Friendly Bite Blocks promote symmetrical jaw strength, stability, and grading for clients with weak jaw musculature evidenced during speech sound production or feeding (i.e. reduced mobility, sliding, or jutting). The Purple Bite Blocks are speech therapy tools particularly adapted for clients who prefer biting into a softer surface as they work their way through the Bite Block Hierarchy.

The Sensory Friendly Bite Blocks the exact same way as the original Red Bite Blocks, but are made of a softer, more pliable material. Each package includes two sets of six Purple Bite Blocks and full instruction booklet.


  • TalkTools Bite Blocks that promote jaw strength, stability, and grading
  • Includes 2 sets of 6 Purple Bite Blocks and full instruction booklet 
  • Ideal for use with Dysarthria, Apraxia, and Dyspraxia 
  • As an OPT tool, the bite blocks are used to both diagnose and treat 
  • Reusable, durable and easy to clean 
  • Soft, textured surface 

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